a fashionable and modern attribute in any wardrobe

Denim vests have long been in vogue. Today, this attribute is also important, with it every modern fashionista can complement their image. Denim vest will suit many styles, such as rock style and casual. And if you properly combine it with other things, it is quite suitable for the office. The image created with this item of clothing depends largely on the taste of its owner.  https://ukrnova.com

Denim vest – a fashionable greeting from the 70’s

 Many have already noted that we have returned to the long-forgotten fashion for spikes and sharp rivets, which were actively used as a decoration of clothing in the 70’s. It was then that fashion legislators decided that decorating a vest with such elements would be a great idea, and they did not lose. Such methods of decor are still used today. And it really looks great, you can even say outrageous, because not everyone will dare to wear such a riveted vest. The most important thing is that the denim vest belongs to the unisex style of clothing. Only men use more brutal methods of decorating vests: pins, skulls, prints with biker motorcycles and other purely masculine themes. Girls belong to decorating in a special way.

That is why women’s denim vest can be decorated with fringe, abrasions, bows. Hearts are also often used.

What to wear a denim vest? Advices

If you do not know what to wear a denim vest, it should be noted that there are no special rules, because this item of clothing is a universal part of the wardrobe. According to the latest fashion, the vest was used as outerwear, which was worn on a T-shirt or T-shirt of different styles and cuts. For men, as an option, you can wear it on the naked body. It will be a very stylish image, which will not be hot in the summer. Another fashionable solution is a tandem of denim vest with a checkered shirt with rolled up sleeves, as well as jeans in color. Sometimes the image looks more spectacular if you wear a vest with a solid shirt. You can add a tie of the appropriate color or a butterfly. For girls, a great spring-summer option is a combination of short dresses with a light denim vest (under heels or sneakers).