Haircuts for thick hair

Many people dream of having thick hair, and those who have it often do not know what to do with it. After all, in addition to envious looks, chic hair can bring a lot of difficulties and problems. The way out, as always, is: make a fashionable haircut and enjoy the beauty of your thick hair, as well as ease of styling.

Haircuts for thick long hair

Every day on TV we see girls with thick long hair. They advertise shampoo, and we look fascinated and want the same. But if you already have them, we suggest you do not change anything. It will be enough to align them behind in a straight line or semicircle and wear loose. Those who still want to somehow update the look, we can recommend to make a cascade. This haircut is suitable for thick heavy hair. But, if in the first case, styling with a hair dryer and a little varnish or foam will be enough, in the second – a little more effort.

If you are the owner of curls, you can be greeted and regretted at the same time. Most often, naughty, sometimes dry, such hair can bring a lot of trouble to his mistress. You should not do haircuts for thick curly hair. In the short or shortened version, they will not look as spectacular as in the long.

Haircuts for medium thick hair

Medium length is the best for thick hair. With such hair, an elongated square will be appropriate. But it must cover the neck, otherwise you will not only not get rid of the problem of volume, but also increase it. Medium haircut is suitable for thick stiff hair. By the way, a slightly softened hairstyle will help bangs, slightly elongated on the temples. Your image will become more romantic. In addition, this option does not require complex styling, but always looks great.

Curly, by the way, can be a great haircut for thick wavy hair, if you decide to part with the length.

Short haircuts for thick hair

If you choose the right haircut for your facial features, thick hair is not an obstacle to a short hairstyle. For example, the style of the 80-90s will look great on both young girls and adult ladies. And the “bean” has long lost its age. For those who want to stand out – asymmetrical haircuts can be an ideal move. But still, for no apparent reason, do not rush to part with your pride, unique, individual decoration. After all, you can change the hairstyle, and, accordingly, the image of a simple hairpin, scarf, headband, hoop.