the meaning and interpretation of the dream

  • If you saw a Negro in your dream, an unusual event may await you in life.
  • The dream in which you ended up in a country where there are only blacks around you – in life you are surrounded by people next to whom you feel uncomfortable.
  • Miller also gives an explanation of why sex with a black man is dreaming – such a dream means that your life is monotonous and boring and you want changes for the better.
  • A negro dreaming of a woman can promise her a pleasant acquaintance, which will develop into a love adventure.
  • But if a man dreamed of a black woman, then he can also count on favorable changes in his personal life.

Miller will also help us figure out what the Negro girl is dreaming of. Such a dream promises a young lady a stormy love adventure with an extraordinary interesting person. Such a lover will give her many unforgettable nights.

Interpretation according to the Modern Dream Book

The modern dream book gives us its explanations about such a dream:

  • just to see a black man in a dream – you have to meet an interesting person;
  • if the dreamer saw in a dream that he himself was a Negro, in real life someone envies him with black envy;
  • to see yourself surrounded by several blacks – in reality you have a lot of envious people and ill-wishers spreading bad rumors about you;
  • turned out to be the owner of a Negro slave in a dream – the enemy is very close to you;
  • you heard music performed by blacks in a dream – soon you will feel a noticeable improvement in your affairs.

Interpretation according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

Tsvetkov believes that the dream in which you saw a black man is far from the best.

  • A Negro in a dream warns the dreamer that someone from his environment feels a strong sense of envy towards him.
  • If the arap in the dreamer’s night visions turned out to be his slave, in reality he has an enemy, possibly from his environment. Moreover, the dreamer does not even know about him.
  • Tsvetkov also considers it not a very good sign if in a dream you talked with a black man. Such a dream may mean that your hopes will not come true.