There are bolts according to the shape

  • There are bolts according to the shape and type of the head: with a hexagonal head, an internal hexagon, a countersunk head, a square head / headrest, T-shaped, with a ring, with a nylon covering.
  • Depending on the purpose, there are: road bolts, machine-building, ploughshare and furniture.
  • As for the strength class, there are 11. Some of them are designed for light loads, and some are able to withstand particularly heavy weight.
  • By types of threads bolts are: metric, inch, pipe, trapezoidal, rectangular, square.

Different materials are used to make bolts: from plastic to different metals. However, the most common is stainless steel. This is due to the fact that this material is reliable, durable and resistant to various damages. In addition to mechanical factors, stainless steel fasteners protect the product from corrosion and rot.

Such fasteners are often used in industries such as mechanical engineering, instrument making, construction, other repairs and in household use. In addition to the high quality of stainless steel bolts, their advantage is the possibility of reusability.